Helpful information about OPAS

Local Paint-Out Groups

These are groups of OPAS members in a small geographic area using OPAS resources to create, build and manage the paint-out group. By creating an OPAS Local Paint-Out Group, you don't have to create Facebook pages, databases of members, mailing lists nor websites for announcements. You can use the OPAS site to do all that.

Creating a Local Paint-Out Group

Once you decide to form a local group, do the following steps:

  1. Contact the president. He will create the actual group on the site.
  2. Contact OPAS members who you knnow want to be part of your group.
  3. OPAS members then go onto the website and Join the group.
  4. Non-OPAS members cannot use the group. To be part of the group they need to join OPAS.
  5. Group members can post discussions, add events, photos etc.
  6. You can restrict the visibility of your event to just Group members, if you desire.