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If you are a plein air artist practicing in Ontario, then you should be a member of OPAS. OPAS is the one central organizing body for plein air artists in this province. By joining and participating, you help raise the profile of plein air painting in Ontario and beyond.

This site allows you as a member to post paint-outs, events, competitions and, of course, your own work for all to see.

It's easy to join. Click the join link left and below the photos, and fill in the forms that follow. Membership is $30 per year.

Non-artists are welcome to browse through the art in this site. There a a large number of very accomplished artists here who regularily sell their art to the public. 

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Recent Events

  • September 29 - hosted by Dalibor Dejanovic
    Come and paint with at this truly inspiring location. This event is free for all OPAS members, (non members are welcome too). There is plenty of parking, and accessible washroom facilities. I will be waiting at the parking lot with my tripod all set up (so that you can recognize me) at 2pm till 2:...
  • September 23 - hosted by Keith Thirgood
    Call to Artists: Art Day in the Rouge Rouge National Urban Park, September 23, 2017 Does your work celebrate the GTA’s landscapes and/or cultural heritage? Here’s a chance to share this passion against the beautiful backdrop of Rouge National Urban Park! Parks Canada is proud to announce an o...
  • August 22 - hosted by Don Test
    This is a test of the system and website.
  • August 23 - hosted by Keith Thirgood
    The Glen Stewart Trail is a great place to paint. OPAS did a paint-out there a couple of years ago. Great scenery, easy to walk trail. Park in the parking lot you hit as soon as you turn into the Glen Stuart Campground. 7450 Kingston Road. There is limited parking, so try to arrive on time. I will ...
  • September 7 - hosted by Keith Thirgood
    The Quinte Arts Council, endorsed by OPAS, has resurrected the plein air competition in Bellville, Ontario. This was always a fun event. Lot's of artists, great scenery and the organisers treated us well. After a one-year hiatus, the Arts Council has taken over the event and expanded it. Mor...

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Recent Blog Entries

  • I just had another thought about survey, and suggestions for OPAS... Maybe having our "membership" expiry date on our profile page would be a good idea.  I always forget when to renew, and someone from the board has to remind me.
  • I just signed up for the huge Plein Air Convention in Santa Fe, New Mexico happening April 16 through 20. It's a massive event, 5 days with the top instructors in America. Over 900 artists attending. I finally bit the bullet after having thought about it for the past few years. Are any other OPAS me...
  • November 17
    Posted by Thomas Faires
    I’m sure many of you use viewfinders, and some of you are lucky with your visual perception to not need a viewing aid for your composition.  I’ve tried a few, made one, and they work fine, but I’ve broken them, and found them to be a bit of a pain in the butt when hauling arou...
  • Where did you like to paint this summer....a group of us have met up each Sunday Morning, The Dominion Seed Park, Georgetown has lovely lakes not visible from the StreetSheila Law Park - river view at Glen Williams Park at Limehouse that takes you down to the old Lime ruins Scottsdale Park Not t...

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  • Helen Siksek
    Helen Siksek added a new photo to the album Summer 2017:
    Tyson Lake
    • December 8
  • Helen Siksek
    Helen Siksek added a new photo to the album Summer 2017:
    Tyson Lake
    • December 8
  • Helen Siksek
    Helen Siksek added a new photo to the album Summer 2017:
    The Lighthouse
    • December 8
  • Helen Siksek
    Helen Siksek added a new photo to the album Summer 2017:
    Ten Mile Point - Sheguiandah
    • December 8
  • Birte Hella
    Birte HellaJohn Olin Gardner: Hello, John, I have all your paintings listed on my profile, and although I love them, I don't wish to take credit for your fabulous works. Anyway they can be transferred to you?
    • December 8
    • Birte Hella
      Keith Thirgood Hi Birte, And the paintings on John's page are by Nancy Jones. During the transfer from the old site, the processor messed up a few links. Every few months, someone discovered that they have the wrong photos. It happens with big time gaps between, and eve...  more
      • December 9
  • Donna Barnhill
    Donna Barnhill has added a new profile photo.
    • December 1
  • Donna Barnhill
    Donna Barnhill has just signed up. Say hello!
  • Jeanette Obbink
    Jeanette Obbink Around the freezing mark in the shade with a cold wind... but had fun... disappearing landscapes...
    • November 28
  • Thomas Faires
    Thomas Faires wrote a new blog entry:
    • November 27
  • Keith Thirgood
    Keith Thirgood wrote a new blog entry:
    • November 24